Reader Poll

A few questions for readers to answer, if they so choose. I'm leaving these open for awhile to try to get a larger sampling of responses.

This first question relates to the Kindle Select program, where authors agree to a 90 exclusive distribution period with Amazon in exchange for being able to offer their title/s free for 5 days during that period. Authors use this promotion tool as a way to introduce their books to readers who might otherwise not have found their work.

I have a Nook and love it, but I've been considering getting a Kindle Fire so I can read some of the Kindle versions of books I've downloaded for free without having to sit at my computer. I'm curious about other readers out there.

And one last question...

Thank you for your time!

Stacey Joy Netzel


  1. Welcome to Redemption
    There's a promise that more is in the works with the series. I certainly hope so!!!! It sure doesn't seem finished to me.

  2. Yes, Kecia! I'm glad you enjoyed the series and you're right--it's not finished. Donna and I will continue writing them for as long as we can. The plan is to have two new stories out by the end of the summer.

  3. Looking forward to it! Will wait on pins and needles!!! It would be great to have some new doctor who could help Allie have a baby. Just a thought.

  4. Hadn't thought of a doctor, but was thinking of bringing Rick and Allie back in a bit when a new heroine starts thinking of adopting. You'd get to see Rick and Allie as secondary characters as they go through the adoption process, too. :)

  5. I recently came across "More Than a Kiss". When I read the description about the Wisconsin girls, I knew I had to read it, as I am a Wisconsin girl myself. I LOVED it! Please write more about Zach and Sadie's story. I can't wait to find out what happens with them.